Raymond Red Corn For Assistant ChiefRaymond Red Corn For Assistant Chief

Administrative Experience

When a newly elected official starts their first day at work, they bring their collective experiences with them. If their job involves the management of large groups of people, or requires a deep understanding of the personalities and processes of a legislative body, they must come to the job prepared. If they don’t, they start the learning process on day one. The knowledge, skills, and abilities to do a job do not come with the title.

After eight years in the Osage Congress with two years as Speaker, Raymond Red Corn knows the Osage Nation’s legislative and budgetary processes as well as anyone.  With direct management experience spanning three decades, Raymond Red Corn is ready to go to work on day one in helping to create a desirable workplace where fair treatment of employees is the rule, not the exception. The Osage people deserve a workplace that hires, promotes and disciplines fairly.

Why is this important to you? Because the quantity of benefits and services you receive from the Osage Nation depends upon how well the Executive branch cooperates with Congress in reaching common goals. Also, the quality of service you receive from the Osage Nation depends upon the attitude and morale of our front line work teams.

Simple promises of good things to come are just that – promises. Making good things happen requires knowledge, skills, and abilities and a willingness to work. That’s why Raymond Red Corn needs to be your next Assistant Principal Chief.